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Apple SURPRISES us again! iOS 4 issues! iBooks now available!

iOS 4 was made available to Public at 10:10 AM PST.

But, like always, Apple has surprised us again, though in a negative manner.

While Installing iOS 4, “Backing up…” your iPhone/iPod touch is COMPULSORY. However, many people around the world are reporting that, their iTunes is stuck at “Backing up…” and it shows them 72 Hours to Back up. This is highly unacceptable. Some People seems to look into the matter and want to wait until this “Backing up….” is over. Whereas, some have left their hopes and will wait until Apple looks into the matter and solves the Problem.

Then, again, iOS 4 Update doesn’t have “Game Center” Application that WAS present in iOS 4 Golden Master version. Reason is unknown for as to WHY Apple removed Game Center from OS.

Unexpectedly, Apple tells that this iOS 4 version is same as that of Golden Master version, however, when i tried to “Jailbreak” this iOS with Redsn0w 0.9.5, it failed to process the .IPSW file.

This proves it’s NOT the same OS.

iBooks is available in App Store now.


iOS 4 has been Jailbreaked!!!

Redsn0w Beta 5, 1 is working with iOS 4 (Official). When it asks for the .IPSW file, just feed in the ORIGINAL GOLDEN MASTER (GM) .IPSW file. It will continue to Jailbreak your Device and enable Multitasking and Homescreen Wallpapers!

While using Redsn0w 0.9.5 Beta 5,2, it crashed in between the Procedure.

Download Golden Master (GM) .IPSW

Download Redsn0w 0.9.5 Beta 5, 1

Download Redsn0w 0.9.5 Beta 5, 2


What’s NEW in iPhone OS 4 Beta 4? Many New Features!

Yesterday Apple seeded iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 4 to developers. This was exactly two weeks after the the release of Beta 3. As always, once these new betas are out in the open “newly” discovered features make it onto the Internet in lightning speed.

Here’s a round up of some of the newest features in the lastest beta below. More updates will come your way as tidbits are slowly being released online.

1. FSM reports of an update to the iPhone’s baseband:

iPhone OS 4.0 beta 4 baseband update

2. Hints of LED Flashlight and Camera in NEXT iPod, iPad and iPhone.

We’ve yet to see concrete proof that Apple’s portable media players will ship with a camera, but the new iPhone OS 4.0 beta shows Cupertino’s at least considering the notion for the iPod touch and even theiPad. It seems AT&T tethering wasn’t the only thing hidden in iPhone OS 4.0 beta 4 — 9to5Mac found a variety of telltale references to an a flash when pouring through the update’s source code. Does that mean that the iDevices will actually get cameras, let alone supporting light fixtures? It’s too early to tell… but we did spot an LED flash on that early iPhone HD, and a recent Vietnamese leak proves that Apple at least prototyped an iPod touch with a camera — though no flash, sadly — as well. Is Apple simply updating their error messages, or is there something to this?

LED Flashlight in iPhone OS 4

3. Some new wallpapers are now available to grace your iPhone:

New Wallpapers!

4.When the orientation lock is in place, the Camera Roll can now be viewed in landscape:

Camera Roll in Landscape

5. Internet Tethering via AT&T:

AT&T Tethering

With Apple’s 2010 WWDC arriving in the first week of June, we can most likely expect the final build of 4.0 being released around that time, plus the introduction of the next iPhone 4G. It’s going to be an exciting time folks!

iBluever’s special Page at Amod’s Tech Blog!

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iPhone OS 4.0 for Original iPhone (2G)? All features of iPhone OS 4.0 coming to iPhone 3G (Multitasking!)?

When iPhone OS 4 was announced, and we got to hear some of the new features coming, there was excitement. Then disapointment, as we learned only the iPhone 3GS and the newer, unreleased iPhones would get all the features. The jailbreak community quickly learned that some of the missing features could be added to the iPhone 3G, by manipulating  a plist file to enable them. With no OS 4 firmware being made for the original iPhone hardware, it’s not as simple as that to get the OS 4 on the aging device.

A European hacking team calling themselves “Fittingstorm”, claim to be working on building a custom iPhone OS 4 for the original iPhone. Apparently, they have had some crude success, but are having some trouble with connectivity for phone, data, and wifi.

Here is what their Blog has to say, about their Project:

…we are going to a new challenge Apple’s smartphone, take the next firmware 4.0 out in June on the old version of the smartphone which Apple decided not to publish it. To do this we studied the very advent of the jailbreak and the people who have worked, and in particular we have focused on PwangeTool tool that lets you insert a custom firmware jailbreak devices, and from there gave rise to our idea. Of course what we’re trying to do is something much more complex because there is no official firmware 4.0 for iphone 2g, and our task will be to rewrite those parts of code to adapt it to the device. A project long enough but after just one week after the beta release has led to exciting results, we have created a tool that looks a lot like PwangeTool and loading a custom firmware that 3 of us are rewriting part, starting from Beta 1. The result was deich after a day of hard work that was performed on 4.0 firmware 2g device but with many problems, in fact almost nothing worked. Since then many things have improved, we refer to the next page for details.

To check out their Blog, CLICK HERE.

iPhone 2G running iPhone Os 4.0

iPhone 2G running iPhone Os 4.0

So, is this real, or just another bunch of kids pulling our leg? It’s hard to say, until we see some proof of concept, at the least. They have not released anything, other then what they say is their progress, on their blog. Even if they do get this to work, will it be usable? I know iPhone OS 3 is pretty laggy on the original iPhone, so I can only imagine it being even worse with the new OS. I’m sure this is why Apple has decided not to release iPhone OS 4 for the iPhone “EDGE”.

Only Question striking my mind is that, if they are able to run ALL FEATURES OF IPHONE OS 4.0 on IPHONE 3G and IPHONE 2G (Original iPhone), WILL THEY BE ABLE TO DO IT ON iPOD TOUCH 2G?

(As being an owner of iPod touch 2nd Generation)


iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 3 brings some surprises!

With the release of the beta 3 of iPhone 4.0 this morning, one of the new major enhancements is the included orientation lock and iPod widget controls.

The new controls are accessed via the multi-tasking interface of firmware 4.0 which is done by pushing the home button twice. Now, instead of just closing applications in the multi-tasking pane, users can swipe leftward and see the new iPod controls and orientation lock.

The iPod controls include the iPod app icon to access the iPod app, a pause/play button, and fast forward/rewind controls. The orientation lock button provides similar functionality as that found on the Apple iPad which simply locks the screen in portrait mode and prevents the display from rotating into landscape. Users can tap the icon again to unlock the orientation lock.

As firmware 4.0 is continually developed, users may see more of these types of mobile widgets.

iTunes 9.1.1 Released!

Today Apple released the latest update to iTunes, version 9.1.1.

The update mostly delivers small bug fixes and various enhancements. The update also addresses performance and stability of iTunes, which is likely the largest fix overall.

iTunes 9.1.1 comes with several improvements and fixes, including:

•Addresses a conflict with some third-party software which may cause iTunes to unexpectedly quit
•Addresses issues with converting songs to 128 kbps AAC while syncing
Addresses other issues that improve stability and performance
•The iTunes update is available on Apple’s website or through Software Update on Mac/PC.

Note: As usual, if your iPhone is jailbroken or hacked in any way, I would avoid the iTunes 9.1.1 update until further notice.

Wireless Syncing for iPod touch/iPhone/iPad! It’s AWESOME! *UPDATED*

Basically, since its initial launch, one of the most annoying things about the iPod (and now iPhone, iPad, etc) is that you have to plug it into your computer via USB to sync it. Sure, this also allows you to recharge your device, but I’d love to say, charge it in a holder next to my bed (since I also use it as an alarm) and wirelessly sync it over WiFi. A new app allows you to do that. Too bad it’s likely to be rejected.

As you can see in the video below, WiFi Sync allows you to do exactly what the name promises. Once you complete a few steps to authenticate your iPod/iPhone and then your computer, you can begin syncing wirelessly. It just works. The problem, of course, that Apple is likely to have with it is unauthorized interaction with their software, iTunes.

Undoubtedly, if Apple wanted to include such a feature in iPod touches/iPhones/iPads they would have already. It would seem that technology isn’t an issue, but there may be other things at play, such as security, and speed. While security is debatable, speed is definitely a big plus for using USB (2.0) versus WiFi as one transfers data at nearly 500 Mbps, while the other would transfer data at just a fraction of that. (Obviously it would vary based on technology — 802.11n versus 802.11g, etc — and distance from the router.)

Something else to think about: when Apple inevitably does move iTunes to the cloud, syncing their devices wirelessly will be pretty much a necessity. Perhaps Apple is just waiting for that and enjoying the big USB bandwidth until then.

New Video with more detailed Syncing:

Lucky Cat enjoyes Apple’s iPad.

This is really a funny video. I found it on YouTube. It shows how a Cat, Iggy, Explores the new Technology!
It’s a – MUST WATCH!
Cat is totally innocent and looks completely confused. Or maybe it’s his Smartness! 🙂
Leave your Comments. 😀

iPhone 4th Generation LEAKED! (Yes! It’s finally HERE!) [*UPDATED*]

The fourth-generation iPhone prototype that leaked its way out into the world over the weekend has found its way to Gizmodo, and they’ve examined it exhaustively, erasing any doubt that it’s real. Not only does it show up in iTunes, Xcode, and System Profiler, but it has different product identifiers than the 3G or 3GS, and it’s packed with Apple-labeled components inside. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get it to boot out of recovery mode, but a number of new features and changes are evident just by holding it. Obviously, it’s thinner than the 3GS, with smaller internal components and a larger battery inside the metal frame. There’s also a front-facing camera, a larger and better camera with a flash on the back, a higher-res display that’s slightly smaller than the current models, a second mic for noise cancellation, and that new back, which Giz seems a bit confused about but we’re fairly sure is glass or ceramic. It’s also three grams heavier than a 3GS, with a 16 percent larger battery and the same new MicroSIM slot used in the iPad.

Gizmodo also told us that the phone was found running iPhone OS 4.0 but that it was remotely killed before Giz could actually see it, and that they can’t get it to boot because it requires a bespoke build of the OS. Everyone’s assuming Apple’s hot on the trail of this thing. Don’t forget to Check out the Pictures!

•New Features•

•The first newly visible feature is the front-facing video camera
•The rear camera includes a flash
Micro-SIM (iPad 3G) instead of regular SIM
•The SIM tray has been moved to the side of the device
•The display has been improved and is a higher resolution than that of the iPhone 3GS
•Sleep/wake, silent switch, and volume buttons are metallic
•Two buttons for volume control (camera controls?)
•Two microphones; one at the bottom and one next to the headphone jack


•A new aluminum border surrounding the device
•Smaller display as compared with the iPhone 3GS
•Larger battery
•3-grams heavier
•Design is squared
•The back is flat and made from a glass type or shiny plastic material
•All internal components have been reduced in size, likely done to make room for the higher capacity battery

•Why It’s Real•

Gizmodo notes some valid claims for why this device is the next iPhone:

•The device has been reported to be lost, which came from John Gruber’s contacting people familiar with the matter.
•The screen is very high-resolution, making it near impossible to identify individual pixels. As many know, on iPhone knock-offs, the screens are usually extremely poor.
•No other phone or device in North America is using micro-SIM as their SIM card right now. The fact that Apple is starting this with the iPad 3G further reinforces that this iPhone is their device.
•Before being reported lost, the operating system was iPhone OS 4.0. Unfortunately, once reported lost, Apple apparently wiped the device remotely, preventing further access to the device. Attempts to restore have failed since there is no firmware yet available for the new device.
•When connected to a computer, the device behaves like an iPhone, iTunes recognizes it as an iPhone and Xcode on a Mac further recognizes it as an iPhone.
•The case used to disguise the device as an iPhone 3GS had all the proper new holes cut-out.
•Some of the internal components, aside from being perfectly implemented in terms of spacing, were labeled “Apple” and that would be highly unlikely in a knock-off device.

•Hardware Specifications•

Dimensions: 4.50 by 2.31 by 0.37 inches
Weight: 140 grams (3GS: 137 grams)
Battery: 5.25 WHr at 3.7V (3GS: 4.51 WHr at 3.7V)

•Final Thoughts•

At first, with all the lost and found speculation, I admit that I thought this was all a joke. But after seeing the internals and some of the design changes up close, I have been made a believer!

So, are you convinced now? So, IS THIS YOUR NEXT iPhone? 😀