iPhone 4G: Video calls introduced to iPhones!

We found out from the Gizmodo iPhone 4G/HD leak that the next iPhone will have a front facing camera. One would assume that means iChat capabilities right? Well, the folks at BGR have just received some interesting info that reveals Video Conferencing evidence.

This option comes from a field test firmware from the supposed next iPhone and as you can see from the pictures below, it clearly shows there will be video conferencing capabilities. Check out the pics below:

I think it’s going to be pretty cool!
As we are ALREADY running video call on many devices in India.
But no device provides such BIG SCREEN and HIGH RESOLUTION.
I pretty excited about this! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!


What’s NEW in iPhone OS 4 Beta 4? Many New Features!

Yesterday Apple seeded iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 4 to developers. This was exactly two weeks after the the release of Beta 3. As always, once these new betas are out in the open “newly” discovered features make it onto the Internet in lightning speed.

Here’s a round up of some of the newest features in the lastest beta below. More updates will come your way as tidbits are slowly being released online.

1. FSM reports of an update to the iPhone’s baseband:

iPhone OS 4.0 beta 4 baseband update

2. Hints of LED Flashlight and Camera in NEXT iPod, iPad and iPhone.

We’ve yet to see concrete proof that Apple’s portable media players will ship with a camera, but the new iPhone OS 4.0 beta shows Cupertino’s at least considering the notion for the iPod touch and even theiPad. It seems AT&T tethering wasn’t the only thing hidden in iPhone OS 4.0 beta 4 — 9to5Mac found a variety of telltale references to an a flash when pouring through the update’s source code. Does that mean that the iDevices will actually get cameras, let alone supporting light fixtures? It’s too early to tell… but we did spot an LED flash on that early iPhone HD, and a recent Vietnamese leak proves that Apple at least prototyped an iPod touch with a camera — though no flash, sadly — as well. Is Apple simply updating their error messages, or is there something to this?

LED Flashlight in iPhone OS 4

3. Some new wallpapers are now available to grace your iPhone:

New Wallpapers!

4.When the orientation lock is in place, the Camera Roll can now be viewed in landscape:

Camera Roll in Landscape

5. Internet Tethering via AT&T:

AT&T Tethering

With Apple’s 2010 WWDC arriving in the first week of June, we can most likely expect the final build of 4.0 being released around that time, plus the introduction of the next iPhone 4G. It’s going to be an exciting time folks!

iBluever’s special Page at Amod’s Tech Blog!

Hello Everyone!

i have noticed that MANY People are NOT writing about Eric Day’s App, iBluever.

Also, many People are confused about, HOW TO GET AND SETUP iBLUEVER.

Therefore, i decided to dedicate an individual Page to iBluever.

You will find ANSWERS to all your Questions here.

-How to Set-up iBluever?

-How do i get iBluever?

-Is it worth 5$?

-How does this work?

-What are Requirements for iBluever?

TO FIND ANSWERS TO ALL YOUR QUESTIONS VISIT “Eric Day’s iBluever Page” on the Top of this very Web Page.


Click Here!

iPhone OS 4.0 for Original iPhone (2G)? All features of iPhone OS 4.0 coming to iPhone 3G (Multitasking!)?

When iPhone OS 4 was announced, and we got to hear some of the new features coming, there was excitement. Then disapointment, as we learned only the iPhone 3GS and the newer, unreleased iPhones would get all the features. The jailbreak community quickly learned that some of the missing features could be added to the iPhone 3G, by manipulating  a plist file to enable them. With no OS 4 firmware being made for the original iPhone hardware, it’s not as simple as that to get the OS 4 on the aging device.

A European hacking team calling themselves “Fittingstorm”, claim to be working on building a custom iPhone OS 4 for the original iPhone. Apparently, they have had some crude success, but are having some trouble with connectivity for phone, data, and wifi.

Here is what their Blog has to say, about their Project:

…we are going to a new challenge Apple’s smartphone, take the next firmware 4.0 out in June on the old version of the smartphone which Apple decided not to publish it. To do this we studied the very advent of the jailbreak and the people who have worked, and in particular we have focused on PwangeTool tool that lets you insert a custom firmware jailbreak devices, and from there gave rise to our idea. Of course what we’re trying to do is something much more complex because there is no official firmware 4.0 for iphone 2g, and our task will be to rewrite those parts of code to adapt it to the device. A project long enough but after just one week after the beta release has led to exciting results, we have created a tool that looks a lot like PwangeTool and loading a custom firmware that 3 of us are rewriting part, starting from Beta 1. The result was deich after a day of hard work that was performed on 4.0 firmware 2g device but with many problems, in fact almost nothing worked. Since then many things have improved, we refer to the next page for details.

To check out their Blog, CLICK HERE.

iPhone 2G running iPhone Os 4.0

iPhone 2G running iPhone Os 4.0

So, is this real, or just another bunch of kids pulling our leg? It’s hard to say, until we see some proof of concept, at the least. They have not released anything, other then what they say is their progress, on their blog. Even if they do get this to work, will it be usable? I know iPhone OS 3 is pretty laggy on the original iPhone, so I can only imagine it being even worse with the new OS. I’m sure this is why Apple has decided not to release iPhone OS 4 for the iPhone “EDGE”.

Only Question striking my mind is that, if they are able to run ALL FEATURES OF IPHONE OS 4.0 on IPHONE 3G and IPHONE 2G (Original iPhone), WILL THEY BE ABLE TO DO IT ON iPOD TOUCH 2G?

(As being an owner of iPod touch 2nd Generation)


Reached the Milestone of 1000 hits! Cheers!


Hello Everyone!

We have finally managed to reach the MILESTONE of 1000 hits/clicks on my Blog!
This feels totally Awesome! 😀 🙂 😀 🙂

Thanks to everyone, who have been reading my Blog. Please Continue to be a regular reader.
I will keep sharing TECH INFO, so stay tuned!

Amod Agrawal.

File Sharing revealed in iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 3!

Yesterday morning brought the release of beta 3 of iPhone 4.0 and along with the release, a major new enhancement that included an orientation lock and iPod widget controls. However that was not all that beta 3 of iPhone firmware 4.0 delivered.

File sharing abilities have now been revealed in beta 3 of iPhone OS 4.0. Using a very similar process as that found on the Apple iPad, users can now move files to and from their iPhone using their PC or Mac. Using iTunes, users access the “Apps” area of iTunes and just below the list of available applications is an area dedicated to file sharing.

From this new area users can now drag or import their files from their Mac or PC into iTunes and then sync with their iPhone. If files are on the iPhone already, users will use this file sharing area to move the files from the iPhone to the PC/Mac.

Since the feature is still in development, it is difficult to say whether or not it will make the final cut, but considering that the Apple iPad has this functionality, it is very likely that file sharing will be debuting in iPhone OS 4.0.

iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 3 brings some surprises!

With the release of the beta 3 of iPhone 4.0 this morning, one of the new major enhancements is the included orientation lock and iPod widget controls.

The new controls are accessed via the multi-tasking interface of firmware 4.0 which is done by pushing the home button twice. Now, instead of just closing applications in the multi-tasking pane, users can swipe leftward and see the new iPod controls and orientation lock.

The iPod controls include the iPod app icon to access the iPod app, a pause/play button, and fast forward/rewind controls. The orientation lock button provides similar functionality as that found on the Apple iPad which simply locks the screen in portrait mode and prevents the display from rotating into landscape. Users can tap the icon again to unlock the orientation lock.

As firmware 4.0 is continually developed, users may see more of these types of mobile widgets.

iBluever NOW AVAILABLE for 5$ on Cydia!

An App by Eric Day, iBluever, which allows iPod touch users to Tether their Device to any Bluetooth Enabled Mobile Phone (Supporting Dial-up Networking Profile) was released on Cydia Store. We all were waiting for this Hack, for a long time! Eric Day (@smartype) released two versions on Cydia Store, THE DEMO VERSION (iBlueverDemo) for FREE and FULL VERSION (iBluever) for $5.

I have been testing with Demo Version and was totally amazed! THE APP WORKS LIKE A CHARM. [Harry Potter movies isn’t better! :D]

What does this App do?

– This App, add Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking Profile to your iPod touch. It allows iPod touch users to Connect their iPod touch to a Bluetooth Enabled phone to use it’s Data (GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA) on their iPod touch. This CONVERTS yours iPod touch to an iPhone 3G.


iPod touch (2G or 3G only)

– Mobile Phone (Supports, Bluetooth DUN and with working Data Connection- ANY CARRIER)

iPod touch Jailbreak with Cydia/Icy (BigBoss Repository)


The App Totally ROCKS!

It’s the BEST money you will spend ever on Cydia or App Store.
I am using iBluever with iPod touch (2G) and Motorola RAZR V9.

I am using Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. (MTNL) UNLIMITED HSDPA PLAN. (In India)

The App will totally surprise you! I tried many Apps with iBluever, some worked and some didn’t.

Apps Worked!

Safari, Mail, Tweetie 2, Google App, AIM, Facebook, Opera Mini, Maps App (Current Location CANNOT be found. GPS or Triangulatory Cellular Location doesn’t work.) , Stocks, Wikipanion +, WordPress, Flixster.

Apps NOT Working!

YouTube, App Store, WhatsApp, BeejiveIM, Skype, Palringo, Google Earth, Ping!

Apps most used by me are WhatsApp, Mail, BeejiveIM, Facebook and Tweetie 2.

Most of them are working and its pretty exciting for iPod touch users to access these services OUTSIDE a WIFI Zone!



i am not using 3G Unrestrictor, therefore some Apps might work with 3G Unrestrictor.

If you want me to TEST “Any Particular App” from App Store, with iBluever, Please leave a comment and I will definitely help you out.

For any other clarifications or Details, either ‘Leave a Comment’ or visit www.ibluever.blogspot.com

Please don’t be Confused by the “AT&T Logo with Signal Bars” in the Screen Shots. It’s a theme: iPod2iPhone.


Here are Pictures of my iPod touch accessing HSDPA via iBluever.

Hope you enjoyed this Post! This App takes this AWESOME piece of Technology (iPod touch) TO THE NEXT LEVEL!

UPDATE: Confirmed: iBluever DOES NOT work with iOS Devices, i.e. iPhone to iPod touch and iPhone to iPad tethering is not allowed.
iTether a new App by Eric Day will do that.

UPDATE: iTether is now out on Cydia for 5$.
Go buy it!

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iTunes 9.1.1 Released!

Today Apple released the latest update to iTunes, version 9.1.1.

The update mostly delivers small bug fixes and various enhancements. The update also addresses performance and stability of iTunes, which is likely the largest fix overall.

iTunes 9.1.1 comes with several improvements and fixes, including:

•Addresses a conflict with some third-party software which may cause iTunes to unexpectedly quit
•Addresses issues with converting songs to 128 kbps AAC while syncing
Addresses other issues that improve stability and performance
•The iTunes update is available on Apple’s website or through Software Update on Mac/PC.

Note: As usual, if your iPhone is jailbroken or hacked in any way, I would avoid the iTunes 9.1.1 update until further notice.