iBluever: How-to

Hello Everyone,
As you know, Many people are NOT writing about Eric Day’s App, iBluever on Internet.
Therefore, i decided to create a special Page, dedicated to iBluever.
You will find everything about iBluever here. If you have any questions, please leave a comment!


New Version, NOW LIVE at BigBoss Repository!
Version 1.0.15
Magically, ALL APPS ARE NOW WORKING! including WhatsApp, BeejiveIM, Palringo. We Rule, Tap Tap Revenge (Online) are still NOT working.
RFCOMM Issue (Data Dropping) fixed.

Here are the SPEEDTEST.NET RESULTS on my iPod touch, connected to Internet via iBluever:


Hello Everyone,

I have noticed that many of you, are searching for “How to Setup iBluever“. Therefore, here i am writing an article, HOW TO SETUP IBLUEVER ON YOUR IPOD TOUCH.

This Article will tell you EVRYTHING ABOUT iBluever.

To checkout iBluever and it’s features, please click here to read my Earlier Posts on iBluever.

-How to Set-Up iBluever on my iPod touch?

1. Your iPod touch MUST be Jailbroken. If you don’t have a jailbroken iPod touch, don’t worry, it will only take 45 seconds!

2. To Jailbreak your iPod touch, visit www.spiritjb.com

3. Once Jailbroken, you MUST have CYDIA on your iPod touch.

4. Open Cydia, go to MANAGE, tap SOURCES and check, you must have BigBoss Repository.

– If you haven’t got BigBoss Repository, please click “edit” and ADD the following link:


5. Once Done, go to SEARCH; type: iBluever

6. You will see the following results:


– iBlueverDemo

7. As mentioned earlier, iBlueverDemo is the FREE VERSION and iBluever is FULL VERSION for 5$.

8. Purchase iBluever for 5$ and let Cydia install it. PLEASE REBOOT THE DEVICE ONCE DONE.

9. After Rebooting, you will find iBluever Icon on your SpringBoard/HomePage.

10. Please Check that YOUR DEVICE’s WI-FI IS SWITCHED ON and then OPEN iBluever. (iPod touch’s Wifi must be ON, while INITIAL BOOTUP of the APP)

11. After Opening, SWITCH ON THE Bluet00th Daemon. Please make sure Bluetooth of your Cellular Mobile MUST BE ON at this time.

12. After it has Initialised Bluet00th daemon, it will search for Bluetooth Devices near you.

13. Your Mobile Phone, MUST appear in the LIST below.

14. Choose a device… and then it will open it’s SETTINGS.



Here are MY Settings:

PIN = You can keep ANY PIN OF YOUR CHOICE; for example “0000”

APN = Access Point Name. You must know the APN for YOUR CARRIER; in my case it’s “mtnlhsdpa”.

Dial Number = Enter it as; *99#

Account = —–LEAVE BLANK——

Password = —–LEAVE BLANK—–

Chat Script = These Chat Scripts work different FOR EVERYONE. Chat Scripts available MAY or MAYNOT work with your Mobile. Try the “Default” Chat Script first. If it doesn’t work, try all the Chat Scripts available.

If NONE OF THEM WORK, Contact Eric Day, ibluever@gmail.com, he will write a new CHAT SCRIPT FOR YOUR PHONE!

Authentication = OFF

Sniff Mode= OFF

Wait for SDP = OFF

Once done with your Settings, GO BACK TO IBLUEVER and TAP ON YOUR DEVICE AGAIN!

16. iPod touch will request for Connection to your Mobile.

17. Grant and type the SAME NUMER AS IN PIN FIELD , in this case:


18. Rest of the work will be done by the App, itself.

19. Once Connected, you are ready, exit the App and enjoy your CELLULAR DATA on iPod touch!


iBluever NOW AVAILABLE 5$ at Cydia.

iBluever NOW AVAILABLE for 5$ on Cydia!

01/05/2010 by Amod Agrawal | Edit

An App by Eric Day, iBluever, which allows iPod touch users to Tether their Device to any Bluetooth Enabled Mobile Phone (Supporting Dial-up Networking Profile) was released on Cydia Store. We all were waiting for this Hack, for a long time! Eric Day (@smartype) released two versions on Cydia Store, THE DEMO VERSION (iBlueverDemo) for FREE and FULL VERSION (iBluever) for $5.

I have been testing with Demo Version and was totally amazed! THE APP WORKS LIKE A CHARM. [Harry Potter movies isn’t better! :D ]

What does this App do?

– This App, add Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking Profile to your iPod touch. It allows iPod touch users to Connect their iPod touch to a Bluetooth Enabled phone to use it’s Data (GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA) on their iPod touch. This CONVERTS yours iPod touch to an iPhone 3G.


– iPod touch (2G or 3G only)

– Mobile Phone (Supports, Bluetooth DUN and with working Data Connection- ANY CARRIER)

– iPod touch Jailbreak with Cydia/Icy (BigBoss Repository)


The App Totally ROCKS!

It’s the BEST money you will spend ever on Cydia or App Store.
I am using iBluever with iPod touch (2G) and Motorola RAZR V9.

I am using Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. (MTNL) UNLIMITED HSDPA PLAN. (In India)

The App will totally surprise you! I tried many Apps with iBluever, some worked and some didn’t.

Apps Worked!

Safari, Mail, Tweetie 2, Google App, AIM, Facebook, Opera Mini, Maps App (Current Location CANNOT be found. GPS or Triangulatory Cellular Location doesn’t work.) , Stocks, Wikipanion +, WordPress, Flixster.

Apps NOT Working!

YouTube, App Store, WhatsApp, BeejiveIM, Skype, Palringo, Google Earth, Ping!

Apps most used by me are WhatsApp, Mail, BeejiveIM, Facebook and Tweetie 2.

Most of them are working and its pretty exciting for iPod touch users to access these services OUTSIDE a WIFI Zone!



i am not using 3G Unrestrictor, therefore some Apps might work with 3G Unrestrictor.

If you want me to TEST “Any Particular App” from App Store, with iBluever, Please leave a comment and I will definitely help you out.

For any other clarifications or Details, either ‘Leave a Comment’ or visit iBluever Blogspot

UPDATE: Confirmed: iBluever DOES NOT work with iOS Devices, i.e. iPhone to iPod touch and iPhone to iPad tethering is not allowed.
iTether a new App by Eric Day will do that.

UPDATE: iTether is now out on Cydia for 5$.

Go buy it!

**UPADTED** 2011

Here is a link to database of all carrier settings (working)
Please check. This should solve most of your problems.


  1. I can connect ibluever to my LG Env Touch. But I then receive a broadband connect message from Verizon. They want me to sign up for this plan in addition to my unlimited data plan. Is this normal?

  2. Info…
    Work with iOS4?

    • Oh YES! Working awesome!
      Only Problem: When I used to connect in 3.1.3, a Bluetooth symbol and a Tethering Symbol appeared in Status Bar. It doesn’t appear in iOS4 yet, but it works perfectly fine. Eric Day, will fix that soon.

  3. I have the demo version of iBluever installed on my iPad but it reports the “Bluet00th daemon disconnected unexpectedly!”

    I thought this was iPad 3.2 compatible. Am I wrong again? 🙂

    • @Deputy5211

      Well, iBluever was not meant for iPad specifically. It was meant for iPod touch 2G and iPod touch 3G users. However, there are some video on YouTube that show iBluever working on iPad. I don’t own an iPad, therefore I cannot figure out the problem. I think you should re-install the App and please check whether you are using the correct configuration (Settings).
      You can also write an email at ibluever@gmail.com asking your concern.
      Good Luck! Do reply if you find any solutions for rest of the users!


  4. This may be a dumb question… but…

    Can I install iBluever on my jailbroken iPad, and then connect it to my unjailbroken iPhone 3GS and use it’s internet data connection?

    I am in Australia and we can use the tethering function without additional charges.

    • @BB.
      Yes, you can. If you are able to tether your Laptop/Computer with your iPhone without any problem, you should be able to connect it to your iPad flawlessly.
      However, iBluever is not specifically meant for iPad. Some users were able to use iBluever on iPad and some were not. So, try the demo version first and then buy the App. (If you want to. 🙂 Cracked versions are also available)
      Good Luck! 😀

      • ok – I got iBluever installed and working on my iPad. And it connects to my iPhone. However, it gets stuck at “Searching For Dial-up Networking service”.

        Does that mean I just need to get hold of the correct script for the iPhone? Any suggestions?

      • Yes. Well, I annoy sure. Just go to Settings > General > Network > Internet Tethering to ON.
        Once done, try iBluever.
        Do let me know what happens. 🙂

      • *am not completely sure

  5. Thanks – I gave it a try. Sadly, still stops at “Searching For Dial-up Networking service”.
    Are we sure this would work on an iPhone (as the modem) – I noticed on the iBluever site which has the dial-up settings for phones, that nobody has put in iPhone settings. Plenty of blackberries, nokia’s etc, but not much mention of the iPhone.
    I would love to get this to work. 🙂

  6. Well i almost got this to work on my sanyo m1 but when i accept the it says im putting hte wrong password in for sprints power vision but i knwo im putting the right one in i called tech support any ideas ? anybody

  7. How’s the battery life with iBluever? Is it better than with wifi? Any slow-down for running it in the background?

  8. I got everything setup fine on my ipad, after I configure my phone, when I go back and click on the link for my phone, it just keeps going back to the configure screen and never actually tries to connect… Any ideas?

    • Well, if you click on the “side arrow” infront of your phone’s name, it should take you to settings.
      But if you click on the NAME of the phone (towards the left) it should connect.
      Try again and let me know.

  9. I figured it out – I thought the PIN should be empty, not realizing that was just the bluetooth pin for my phone.


  10. I tried the Demo version, and it seems to work perfectly, yet a lot of applications still won’t work for me (Speedtest is one of them) so I wonder how to fix that before buying it? Safari works perfectly, but I don’t plan on sung that, I want to mainly have internet for other applications.

    I’m using an iPhone3G and to save further battery I have it on Airplane mode (I don’t know if that’s the reason) as currently I don’t have a extra valid sim to put in there.

    • Oh okay. Well, Demo version DOESN’T include “3G Unrestrictor”
      So, once you buy iBluever Full Version, all Apps will work. I have tried this personally. Go ahead and buy it.

  11. Hey How do i find out what carrier my phone is. I no silly question but I’m not really into the tech stuff. And my motorola phone really isnt working for any of the chat scipts any thoughts? Anyways I’m doing the demo so in the Buy one i don’t mess up. Once I understand demo then I’ll buy the full one.

    • Carrier is the company that provides you with cellular services like AT&T, Verizon, Vodafone, O2 etc.
      Chat Scripts should work with most of the phones. I myself tested it with Motorola Phone. Use “Default” chat script.

  12. Thank you. But how do i find out the access point for AT&T Motorola Phone?

  13. it comes up with PPP disconnected?
    and just stays like that

    I followed all of the steps
    i found the correct access point, in my case “3netaccess”
    it started to connect and came up with that..
    Now my phone has been connected to a computer through a bluetooth connection so i know the feature of bluetooth networking is capable


  14. I fixed the problem, it was actually the incorrect Access point

  15. Hey, is it possible to connect iBluever with a laptop to get internet access through laptop bluetooth!?


  16. I’m trying to tether my iPad to my tmobile tap (Huawei U7519). I’ve been tethering this phone with my macbook pro for a while now. I followed these directions, my phone shows up in the “Choose a device” panel, but when I tap the phone name there, the phone turns off! Can you help me? Thanks!

  17. Got the IPad 3.2.1 jailbroken. Demo worked perfectly. Bought the full version, and its stuck at retrieving “Bluet00th daemon state”. Tried rebooting a few times, and also reinstalling the app. Got any helpful hints ?

  18. I don’t think it’s the phone….like I said, it’s been working fine for months with my macbook pro. Could it be something in the script? Is there somewhere online where I can find out more about manipulating the script? Thanks for your help!

    • I don’t think it has something to do with script. Actually, your iPad isn’t able to make a connection request to your phone.
      Turn on your connection log and please tell me last “status of connection” that you see, before phone turns off..
      Or just post whole chat log.. So that I can see where the problem persists. You should try some other phone as well.. (maybe your friend’s..)

  19. Does this work with words with friends?

  20. hello, i have a tracfone with straight talk provider. i have the unlimited data plan, but i cant seem to find the APN, and the fact that the L2CAP disconnected error pops up. is it going to work, or are there to many restrictions with minute phones.

    please and thank you

  21. I’ve got a Nokia N900 but ibluever doesn’t see it in the list of BT devices, I can see my BB 8800 but not my Nokia.

    Nokia works with my PC just fine as a DUN server but not with iBlu.

    Any ideas?

  22. AS a follow-up to my comment above, I could do iTether as I have purchased that too but can I configure the IP manually on that?

  23. thanks for the blog. i know this sounds like a dumb question but does my phone have to have a data plan for this to work? and if it doesn’t will i get billed for the internet time with my phone carrier?

    • Hey!
      If you go through my Blog again, you’ll find that i mentioned that..
      Anyways, Yes.. Your Mobile Phone must have Internet Connectivity.. You’ll be charged as Tethering Plan.

  24. Amod,

    i’ve purchased iBluever and it shows i’ve paid for it, but after rebooting my iPad I don’t get the icon…? thoughts?

  25. Ibluever installed fine but how do i idntify the number to dial and the APN name.
    I have a nokia 6700 with the high speed data modem, on the uk orange network.
    My laptop can surf the net via bluetooth on the phone.

    • Google to find your APN..
      Just type in UK Orange network Tethering Settings.. Otherwise, just call your carrier and they can tell you the details..
      Dial number is usually *99# or *9999#
      If you have any problem, let me know..
      Sorry for late reply! 🙂

  26. Eran Sandman

    My Internet is 7.2mbs … It means I can download really fast … But I can only download at 20kbs per second. Why’s that? Is there something I can do? I’ve tried all scripts … They’re all working but nothing change. please help me. Thanks!

    • Hey Eran,
      Very Nice Question i must say..
      As far as Speed is concerned, it depends on data transfer over Bluetooth.. There’s nothing you can do..
      I know Speed is a great factor.. To be honest, even i don’t know the answer to this question. I will forward this question to the App Developer..
      Sorry for late reply. 🙂

  27. Nice guide!!!
    Thank you very much!!!
    I use it now :p

  28. hello
    thanks for this application

    let me ask some questions
    1-need CHAT SCRIPT for blackbery 8830

    2- does is disconnect by itself if we don’t use ?

    3-what happen when my ipod touch connects with bluetooth & I try to connect to the Wifi?
    let me know please

    • Hi.
      I am sorry for delayed reply, I was too busy with my school.
      Anyways, You should try Default Chat Script. If it doesn’t work try others.
      If nothing seems to work, contact Eric at ibluever@gmail.com and he might write a chat script for you.
      I reckon that many users have worked out BlackBerry. Browse through all comments.

      It shouldn’t disconnect by itself. It used to disconnect for me too.. But after some update it started working for me.

    • If you try to connect to WiFi it simply gets connected to WiFi and uses the network. Bluetooth doesn’t disconnect.

  29. I have a BB Curve 8530 with Sprint. I am planning on setting up Ibluever tonight for my iPad, but cant find Sprints APN. Any Idea?


  30. Thanks, I gave that a shot.

    I think I have everything set up correctly, but I get the error “Failed to execute chat script” when I run my device. I have tried all the scripts and I get the same error. I’m guessing it’s just a setting I need to change, but I’m not having any luck.

    I use sprint as my carrier and was using internet.com as my access point. I also tried it leaving it blank.
    Dial number is *99# and I tried 99# and blank
    Account is blank
    Password as been blank or 0000
    Chat script, I have tried all

    Authentication has been on and off
    Wait for SDP has been on and off

    Have you seen this?

  31. Hi Amod and congratulation for your blog. I’ve tried many times, but my ipod touch 2g won’t connect to my LG GT 500. iBluever works fine until it asks to my phone the passkey. I put the pin in my phone, but then iBluever says “RFCOMM L2CAP disconnected” and stucks on it.

    These are my settings:

    APN intenet.wind
    Dial number *99# or *99***1#
    Account blank
    Password blank
    Chat script I’ve tried all

    then I connect and it says

    Starting SDP L2CAP connection….
    SDP L2CAP connection established!
    Searching for Dial-up Networking service…
    SDP L2CAP disconnected!
    Starting RFCOMM L2CAP connection…
    RFCOMM L2CAP connection established!
    —then my phone asks yhe pin and, AFTER I put it in the LG, then iBluever says:
    Ask for Bluetooth passkey
    RFCOMM L2CAP disconnected

    I’ve read many forums and blogs but I can’t find a solution. Can you help me?

  32. Hi, i bought fulltime version ibluever and got it connected to my Blackberry Bold. All seems well and The modem icon is on the iPad allright. But should i do anything specific to access internet via BB? My BB is not setting up any coonection automatically.

  33. I got iBluever installed and connected to my BB 9780 (with PDAnet running). But when I tapped on Safari, the screen just turned black with apple in the middle, then it “hang”.

    What’s wrong with this? BTW, I’m using iPad wifi 4.3.1, iBluever 2.


  34. I get PPP disconnected?

  35. Hi hope you can help me with this issue, every time now when I try to connect with Ibluever this message pop up

    “Daemon disconnected please make sure the built-in Bluetooth is disabled. And there is no other bluetooth applications such as BTstack, roqyBT running now. If you still get this error, please contact the author.”

    The built-in BT is disable for sure and I don’t have BTstack or roqyBT I don’t even know what are those, the issue just to be random and then since yesterday I am not avable to get connected to my BB. I tried to contact the author as the app advice, but have no answer.

    I hope you can help and thanks.

  36. thanks the demo worked like a charm, will go ahead and buy the full version now!

  37. iBluever 1.5.8 (purchased and installed today)
    iPod touch 4.3.3 (jailbreak today)
    LG VX8300 verizon DUN phone

    phone DUN works with laptop and hp hx4700 PDA just fine

    iblue finds a BT headset and pairs. It cannot find the phone.

    built-in iPod BT finds both the phone and headset, but phone will not connect (wrong protcol on phone)

    What can be causing iblue to not find the phone that other tether devices find OK?

  38. I have a bb 8310 and ipod touch running 4.3.2. I’m using PdaNet on my bb. I can’t seem to get past the final step. Both attempt to pair and I enter passcodes ‘0000’ but in the end it doesn’t happen for the ipod. I use #777 for dial number (and *99# sometimes). authentication is on. it says ‘No RFCOMM channel for Dial-up Networking…”. and SDP L2CAP disconnected. Then when I change my APN to internet.com it says the same things. My bb is on the Rogers network. Any thoughts?

  39. does downloader pro work with this ??

  40. elad zigler

    I used the demo and it worked great. Now i downloaded the full version but there is no option to input the dial up number! What to do? Please need help:(

  41. Blackberry 8530, itouch 2g (4.1 firmware) what chat script should I be using please! Can’t find any that work! Thank You So Much!

  42. Serdar Beck

    Once ibluever was working fine with my Samsung Monbte GT-S5620.
    Now with latest version of ibluever + ipod touch 4G 4.3.3 iOS it’s NOT WORKING!
    is it because of 4.3.3 firmware?

  43. Hi Amod.
    I have got the demo version of iBluever on my iPod touch 4g .
    I am starting iBluever but it keeps searching .It cannoy find a single device of my Nokia 5233 and Nokia N73.
    Could you please help me

  44. I have bb bold 9650 with verizon and ipod touch 4g. Both free and paid versions work great. However, i cant get remote desktop to work with the paid version. It worked with the free one…………confused as to what i can do. All i had entered on the free version was #777 for dial number, vzw for password, chat script was default non gprs, with authentication turned on.

  45. Iwant to activate my ibluever and says is not posible because is has been installed in other devices. The purchased no.xxxxxxxxx is blacklisted could not be activated. Iwant to buy it again but when i uninstall it and try to installed say is purchsed. Please help,,,

  46. hi Amod,

    I have an Ipod that i just bought. Im not sure how to download ibluever demo (before i make the purchase) onto it. Could you tell me how to do this?

  47. so i got the demo working great on my ipad 2 connecting to my blackberry tour but when i got the full version, suddenly it can’t achieve a bluetooth connection to my phone anymore. I think it has something to do with the lack of an authentication setting in the full version. any ideas on how to get around this?

  48. So everything was working excellent yesterday for hours and hours. I had ibluelever running on my ipad and it was connecting to my blackberry 9700 with PDAnet and bluetooth on. It ran at almost 3g speeds. I made NO changes to the settings and for some reason this morning the ipad will connect to my phone, but the ibluever app says “searching for a dial up network” and is stuck there. Any ideas on what might have happened?

    Carrier: AT&T

  49. just tried it. used the same settings they show for usa verizon. same error. on the ipad it shows “Service Searching Failed. Can not connect to your device or the service searching failed, please make sure bluetooth is enabled on your device.”

    on the blackberry it shows “Connection to Adam’s iPad Failed”

    blackberry 9630 on verizon wireless
    ipad 2 4.3.3

  50. Hi Amod,

    I try to connect ibluever demo version using my ipad 2 to blackberry storm 2 9550 with maxis carrier. i’ve tried many times and still end up with PPP disconnected.
    My APN setting on my BB is unet and i leave the APN authentication field blank
    My setting on ibluever would be:
    Access point: 0000
    Dial Number: *99#
    account: maxis
    password: wap
    chat script: default
    RFCOMM port: Automatic

    Authentication : ON
    Wait for SDP : ON

    I find all those details from google, apt.if0rce.com/carriers/
    and still no luck… please help me.. i would be much appreciate it.
    thank you!

  51. Hello,

    I tried the demo and it worked like a charm. Them I decided to purchase the full version (iBluever w/onDemand) and it’s been impossible to get it working.
    I always get this message “PPP Disconnecting Link”….”Connect to remote service failed”.
    I have and Ipod Touch 4G (4.3.3) and a Bold 9700.
    Please help.


    • Hello, Ivan. I have the same problem.

      Теперь по-русски. Может подключиться с 20-й попытки. Прошивка 4.3.4. На 4.3.3 вроде-бы работало стабильно. При установке обрати внимание, наверное у тебя также как и у меня в конце ошибки выдает, но устанавливается. Не решил еще проблему?

  52. Hello, I’m working with a BB9700 and iPad 2 on iOS 4.3.3.

    I get an error: “Failed to execute chat script (Default)”, when I switch to “Default GPRS” I get “NO RFCOMM channel for DUN”. I’ve tried everything and nothing works. I would really like to use this application and spread the word about it to friends!

  53. Javier Rengifo

    I got the same “PPP Disconnecting Link” error
    Any idea?
    Ipad 2 iOS 4.3.3 & BB Courve 3g 9300


  54. viva la andri

    ipod 4g and bb curve 8520 the connection is so low! is it not match???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  55. I need a help on the same, I have a samsung s5603 device with aircel connection and an Ipod 4g, when i use ibluever, it connects but after some time it losses the connection. Can u please tell what exactly is the issue.
    what default connection(wap or online) should i set in mobile

  56. D_Mackdaddy

    I’m connecting a BB9800 with ipod Touch 4G.

    I get the message that I have successfully made a connection, but when I go to safari, the status bar takes forever and eventually times out.

    Is this because I’m using the Demo version? Is it possible to surf with the Demo version?

    Would like to know before I purchase the full version.


  57. D_Mackdaddy

    Nevermind….I disconnected and reconnected and this time it worked!

    Works great!

  58. Actually, the email and safari didn’t work, but I installed the full version and they both work now, the Blackberry default profile fixed that.

    Everything’s working PERFECTLY with the full version 🙂

  59. I have installed iBluever, however every time I go to reboot my ipod touch it freezes up on the apple logo…then I have to restore it through iTunes and lose every app/setting I have. 😦 any help with how to overcome this is greatly appreciated!

  60. Hi and wich is the diferences between ibluever Demo and Non demo? I mean it is just like everyday you need to put the hole information or it is something more like problems with the connection? Thanks

  61. Looking for solution use iphone 4 (4.3.x) as DUN Modem.
    Scenario: Trying to link my Mercedes Comand Online (that initiates a DUN connection) to the iPhone so that the car uses the phones internet conneciton.

    Does this software only act as a DUN “client” or does it provide DUN modem functionality within the iPhone ?

    If not: Any alternatives here ?


  62. hey there i have an ipod touch 2g 4.2.1 is this supported, the demo version doesnt seem to move from the daemon state section, however did remove daemons before but not a bluetooth one does this have something to do with it

  63. Hey Amod I have a blackberry curve 8530,I bought it from cricket and bought ibluever but i have trouble setting it up plz if you can I don’t know the APN can you help me plz.

  64. Can I use iBluever on my IPAD 2 to connect to my EVO 3D, and would it use my data plan or would it cost more if used? I checked the databases records on iBluever and I could not find APN for Spirnt would does cause issues or addtional cost?

    • Did you ever find an answer to your question? I’m trying the exact same thing right now and running into issues. I can’t seem to find help anywhere. I have a jailbroken iPad 2 with iBluever Demo on it and FoxFi on my phone, but there seems to be an issue every time I try to connect. I get the Error: Chat timeout!

  65. People should ensure that ‘dial up networking’ IS SELECTED in blackberry to ensure they do not get the RFCOMM connection error. I have mine unselected for some reason, with it selected I am now connected with ibluever 🙂

  66. Hi i downloaded ibluever on my LG GC900, it was working fine today i went to connect and i keep getting this message
    failed to connect remote dial-up networking service.
    what should i do….

  67. it’s called a PPP service error

  68. hi, ibluever is not searching my blackberry 9780. do you have any solution for it? i have on wifi and bluetooth on both devices.

  69. Can I use my Straightalk LG Android to tether my iPod? (it’s actually converted from iPhone 3GS to iPod) or better yet can I use sim from straightalk phone in my iPhone? Either way it’s pretty awesome if I only have to spend $5!!! Thanks so much! Jen

  70. nur adawiah aduah

    I have a bb 9700 and ipod 2. i follow all the step to get connected until it says ‘No RFCOMM channel for Dial-up Networking…”. and SDP L2CAP disconnected. nothing wrong with the ipad but something wrong with the bb. can u help me? my bb have all the pda net

  71. Hi,
    I’m a proud owner of ibluever program. Or rather, I’m so impressed with it that I have bought it.

    Has been serving me well with the 3G network, but is facing problems with (1) watsapp and (2) blackberry messenger.

    It seems like when I on ibluever, these 2 services r rendered non functional on my blackberry 9780.

    As such, is there any way that I can resolve this? Appreciate all replies.

    Thanks and regards,
    Danny Lim

  72. Hi All, Some help please, I have tried demo version worked perfectley and when I purchased can no longer get it working, I get PPPSerial Error 5 all the time and ther is no option for chat scripts.

    I am on T-Mobile UK and the setting are as follows:

    Vendor – Generic
    Model – GPRS Compatible (GSM/3G)
    APN – general.t-mobile.uk
    Account Name –
    Password –
    CID – 1
    Dial Number – *99***1#

    BTW what is CID?

  73. Hi

    I use pdanet 2.30 on blackberry 8520 2g

    After one minute i can t download more 1mo and safari stop to download

    Apn is ok

    What s’the probem ?


  74. can you explain why I get a blacklist message, and how could I remove it

  75. Hello Mr. Developer, would you please make this awesome product also work with Mercedes Coman Online? (And get very very rich, by selling it to all new Mercedes+iPhone customers)?

  76. I installed ibluever on my jailbroken ipod touch 4G ios 5.0,1. When i load it, it shows an error that ” ibluever failed to connect to daemon.”
    I have tried re-installing. the same error shows each time.
    Kindly help.

  77. hello-
    demo version of ibluever worked fine on my ipad2 so decided to purchase the full version. Now I cannot connect. Keep getting PPP connection issue.

    Trying to connect Verizon phone

  78. Hi, I have BB 9900 from AT&T in US. I used to have BB 9700 from the same carrier and it was working fine. The only difference between both devices is that 9900 is 4G. I am not sure if there is a diff config for 4G phones. Any help you can provide to configure BB 9900 is much appreciated.

  79. Dennis King

    I have a blackberry Torch and an iPad2. I am trying to tether them. I downloaded iBluever. I completed jailbreak on my iPad. When I click on the iBluever icon on my iPad I get a page that says ‘iBluever On-Demand’ at the top of the page and a one-line box that says ‘iBluever’ at the left and an ‘OFF’ button on the right side. I cannot get the button to go ‘ON’.

    Needless to say, I cannot get the application to work. I have eMailed Eric Day but he has not yet replied. Any help here will be cherished.

  80. İ have a lg arena km900. And i get this error.failed to execute chat script. What should i do?

  81. i am unable to pair up my ipod touch with my blackberry 9780.
    is there anything i can do to solve this problem?
    please kindly assist thank you?

  82. I want to connect my ipod touch with my blackberry curve 8520 but ibluever doesn’t found my bb. Can you help me?

    BB olli

  83. I have emailed Eric so many times but he doesn’t respond… I had officially purchased ibluever and after upgrading to 5.1.1, I had to reinstall it… And the problem arises… My payment has been blacklisted and therefore I cannot activate” 😦 I love this app so much that I don’t mind spending 5 dollars again, but I can’t…. Is there any way I can get this working? Any suggestions? Any ? 😦

  84. Using HTC Incredible (Droid Incredible, first version, Gingerbread 2.3.4) and iPad 3, iOS 5.1.1. Verizon wireless. PDAnet 3.5 (which incorporates Foxfi also, somehow).

    iBluever demo worked fine, so bought full version. Full version had a few different dialogs from demo, but finally figured it out. iPad pairs with phone fine via BT

    At least once I was able to get online using these settings

    Vendor – Generic
    Model – Bluetooth LAN Access
    Account Name – (blank)
    Password – (blank)
    Dial Number – #777
    Compression – OFF
    Wait for Dial Tone – ON
    Dialing Method – Tone
    Dial Sound – OFF

    I have not changed any of these settings, but iBluever will not get past

    “PPP negotiating link…”

    and eventually pops up with

    “A connection could not be established to the PPP server. Try reconnecting. If the problem continues, verify your settings and contact your Administrator”

    Is this a problem with iPad-Incredible link or something about getting onto Verizon via dialup?

    Any assistance much appreciated.

  85. [sorry, i tried to post this previously, but it appears like it didn’t work. sorry in advance if this is a double post]

    Using HTC Incredible (Droid Incredible, first version, Gingerbread 2.3.4) and iPad 3, iOS 5.1.1. Verizon wireless. PDAnet 3.5 (which incorporates Foxfi also, somehow).

    iBluever demo worked fine, so bought full version. Full version had a few different dialogs from demo, but finally figured it out. iPad pairs with phone fine via BT

    At least once I was able to get online using these settings

    Vendor – Generic
    Model – Bluetooth LAN Access
    Account Name – (blank)
    Password – (blank)
    Dial Number – #777
    Compression – OFF
    Wait for Dial Tone – ON
    Dialing Method – Tone
    Dial Sound – OFF

    I have not changed any of these settings, but iBluever will not get past

    “PPP negotiating link…”

    and eventually pops up with

    “A connection could not be established to the PPP server. Try reconnecting. If the problem continues, verify your settings and contact your Administrator”

    Is this a problem with iPad-Incredible link or something about getting onto Verizon via dialup? Any assistance much appreciated.

    You have so much good information here i am hopeful you can help. I also wanted to contact Eric directly from the iBluever website, but I didn’t see a “Contact” or email link.

  86. Ulvi Poyraz

    Please help to use iBluever for Mercedes Comand Online Navigation system. I can not make internet tethering with this device. To make the data tethering the application must provide DUN protocol. I tried iBluever for the connection but I couldn’t make the data connection with the device.

  87. constantly i used to read smaller content that also clear
    their motive, and that is also happening with this paragraph which I am
    reading at this time.

  88. I have downloaded ibluever demo on my iPod 4g but whenever I try to connect it says no rfcomm channel available . Please help me I have the latest update

  89. Hey I am from Jammu. Trying to tether my blackberry bold With iPad. I am using bsnl chip in blackberry bold. Don’t know what fields to fill in ibluever. Also what to fill in bluever. The catch is I m using bsnl. So settings as per bsnl. Thanks

  90. I have spent hours hours trying To get this app to work. I Finally got my computer to work through blue tooth but not USB. I did get my other Droid razr with ics to work. But the main one i won’t to work is ipod touch 4th gen with ibluever. I have tried and googled youtubed read forums with no luck now i need help

  91. I installed iBluever today. I initially had some trouble getting a successful connection due not having the right APN of my cell phone provider. Once I did, however, I was up and running in no time. It works like a charm!

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  95. Hey guys I followed al the steps to connect but then at the last step when the I pod and the blackberry connect the following message pops up.

    Please make sure the built in bluetooth is disabled and there is no other bluetooth applivations such as btstack or roqybt running now. And that’s where it stop and does not want to connect.
    Can anyone please help.

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  102. Hello Amod

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    i used the setting that you explain above. every i try the last step
    “Once done with your Settings, GO BACK TO IBLUEVER and TAP ON YOUR DEVICE AGAIN!”

    it always appear pop up
    “Daemon disconnected please make sure the built-in Bluetooth is disabled. And there is no other bluetooth applications such as BTstack, roqyBT running now. If you still get this error, please contact the author.”

    i never installed those thing and i dont know it either.
    i see Karlos | 08/04/2011 at 10:42 PM | already ask for the same problem

    I hope you can help and thanks.

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  110. Milan Kalal

    Hi, I would like to ask you the following question:

    I have the officially paid for ibluever (full version).

    Installed on all my iDevices (iPods Touch 4g, 2g and iPad 2).

    Using the same settings.

    On half of them, after turning wifi on, it switches off OK.
    On half of them it keeps connected.
    And I have to turn it off by force (via SBSettings toggle).
    Any yet, till recently, it was switching off properly even on these other iDevices.

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance.

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