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Publisher’s Update!

Sorry Guys, No more Updates..

Hello Everyone.
I know I have not been updating my site for a long time..
I haven’t been able to get much time to do so.
Very much busy with Senior School Studies. :/
Still you can rate and comment on my older posts. I will try to help whenever I get time.
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iPhone 4 vs iPad! (User’s Poll)

New Page: iPhone OS 4 News, Hacks and Tweaks!

Here you will find everything about upcoming iPhone OS 4.

Do you HATE Apple for not enabling Multitasking on your device? Here are the solutions!

Enabling Multitasking on iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G too!
Latest News, Jailbreaks and all! (Blackra1n, Limera1n, Sno0breeze, Redsn0w)
Stay tuned!

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iBluever’s special Page at Amod’s Tech Blog!

Hello Everyone!

i have noticed that MANY People are NOT writing about Eric Day’s App, iBluever.

Also, many People are confused about, HOW TO GET AND SETUP iBLUEVER.

Therefore, i decided to dedicate an individual Page to iBluever.

You will find ANSWERS to all your Questions here.

-How to Set-up iBluever?

-How do i get iBluever?

-Is it worth 5$?

-How does this work?

-What are Requirements for iBluever?

TO FIND ANSWERS TO ALL YOUR QUESTIONS VISIT “Eric Day’s iBluever Page” on the Top of this very Web Page.


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Reached the Milestone of 1000 hits! Cheers!


Hello Everyone!

We have finally managed to reach the MILESTONE of 1000 hits/clicks on my Blog!
This feels totally Awesome! 😀 🙂 😀 🙂

Thanks to everyone, who have been reading my Blog. Please Continue to be a regular reader.
I will keep sharing TECH INFO, so stay tuned!

Amod Agrawal.

**********PUBLISHER’S UPDATE!**********


Hello Friends,
Hope my Blog, interests you!
This is a “Publisher’s Update!”, where I will share something with you, ABOUT THIS BLOG.

Several Posts in this Blog were “UPDATED!”. Please Scroll Down to read UPADTED Blog Posts.

Also, Ability to “RATE” Blog’s Posts is now available, I would be Obliged if you could RATE my Posts. (It DOES NOT require any Registration). 🙂

ALSO, Please leave your Comments on my Blog’s Posts!