About the Publisher.

Hello Everyone!
Thanks for visiting my iBlog!
Amod Agrawal, I am 16 years old. I have a keen interest in Technology and Gadgets!

I am situated at New Delhi, India.

As you might know, “TECHNOLOGY” is present everywhere.

Let’s together understand this word and make the World a better place.

I believe in “Sharing KNOWLEDGE”.

I created this Blog to share as much Knowledge as possible.
I hope you find my Blog interesting and self-sufficient.
I will keep you UP-TO-DATE about the Technology News around the Globe!

Please don’t forget to comment and rate my Posts. I also have many different kinds of User’s Polls.

Also, You can “Signup for my Blog” to receive TECH NEWS UPDATES via Email.

Follow me at Twitter: @amodkant

Peace! 😀

Amod Agrawal.

  1. Sonali Agrawal

    Great blog. You have shared lot of information about apple.

    Sonali A.

  2. Will Ibluever work with an IPOD Touch 4 and a Blackberry bold 9650 ios5 ?

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