iPhone OS 4.0 for Original iPhone (2G)? All features of iPhone OS 4.0 coming to iPhone 3G (Multitasking!)?

When iPhone OS 4 was announced, and we got to hear some of the new features coming, there was excitement. Then disapointment, as we learned only the iPhone 3GS and the newer, unreleased iPhones would get all the features. The jailbreak community quickly learned that some of the missing features could be added to the iPhone 3G, by manipulating  a plist file to enable them. With no OS 4 firmware being made for the original iPhone hardware, it’s not as simple as that to get the OS 4 on the aging device.

A European hacking team calling themselves “Fittingstorm”, claim to be working on building a custom iPhone OS 4 for the original iPhone. Apparently, they have had some crude success, but are having some trouble with connectivity for phone, data, and wifi.

Here is what their Blog has to say, about their Project:

…we are going to a new challenge Apple’s smartphone, take the next firmware 4.0 out in June on the old version of the smartphone which Apple decided not to publish it. To do this we studied the very advent of the jailbreak and the people who have worked, and in particular we have focused on PwangeTool tool that lets you insert a custom firmware jailbreak devices, and from there gave rise to our idea. Of course what we’re trying to do is something much more complex because there is no official firmware 4.0 for iphone 2g, and our task will be to rewrite those parts of code to adapt it to the device. A project long enough but after just one week after the beta release has led to exciting results, we have created a tool that looks a lot like PwangeTool and loading a custom firmware that 3 of us are rewriting part, starting from Beta 1. The result was deich after a day of hard work that was performed on 4.0 firmware 2g device but with many problems, in fact almost nothing worked. Since then many things have improved, we refer to the next page for details.

To check out their Blog, CLICK HERE.

iPhone 2G running iPhone Os 4.0

iPhone 2G running iPhone Os 4.0

So, is this real, or just another bunch of kids pulling our leg? It’s hard to say, until we see some proof of concept, at the least. They have not released anything, other then what they say is their progress, on their blog. Even if they do get this to work, will it be usable? I know iPhone OS 3 is pretty laggy on the original iPhone, so I can only imagine it being even worse with the new OS. I’m sure this is why Apple has decided not to release iPhone OS 4 for the iPhone “EDGE”.

Only Question striking my mind is that, if they are able to run ALL FEATURES OF IPHONE OS 4.0 on IPHONE 3G and IPHONE 2G (Original iPhone), WILL THEY BE ABLE TO DO IT ON iPOD TOUCH 2G?

(As being an owner of iPod touch 2nd Generation)



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  1. That’s good news for my friend!

  2. I have just recieved an email from the fittingstorm development team. Apparently they have succeeded in creating a usable iPhone os for the iPhone 2g complete with multitasking, folders, and background customization. They will be releasing the firmware with the latest unlockable baseband meaning iPhone 2g users on tmobile will still enjoy their unlocked iPhones. It’s expected to release 10 days after the release of the official update. Apparently the OS is fast and responsive.
    You can reach the project development page here: http://fittingstorm.clanteam.com/ if you plan to use this firmware help them out with a donation! Let’s give them the incentives they need to release this amazing firmware.

  3. The iPhone OS 3.0 isn’t laggy on the iPhone 2G. The iPhone 2G and the iPhone 3G are identical in hardware except for the 3G chip in the iPhone 3G the processor/memory/etc are exactly the same in the two. If the iPhone OS 3.0 is laggy on the iPhone 2G than it is exactly the same on the 3G. Compared to the 3GS (And of course the 4G) they are both pretty slow.

    • Okay.. If iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G are totally identical in Hardware except for the 3G Chip, tell me, Why didn’t Apple release iOS 4 for iPhone 2G, whereas, iOS 4 is working on iPhone 3G? 😀

      • Because apple wants you to upgrade. That way they get more money. That is also why they can rewrite the firmware for the iPhone 2G they are removing the blocks apple puts on along with some other things.

      • I see. My Bad. I confused myself between iPod touches and iPhones.
        Anyways, thanks for correcting my Post. Are you an iPhone 2G owner?

  4. Yes. And I also have an iPhone 3G there is absolutely no difference. I am glad I could help! 🙂


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