[myPSN 3.4] PlayStation Network Application for iPhone.

This App was introduced to App Store, a long ago. But because of “Poor User Interface” it was not able to Facinate PSN Users.
myPSN is an App created by Daniel Leivers that allows iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users to Connect to their PSN ID.
It enables a person to be more flexible with his PSN Account.
You can see “Which of your Friends/Buddies are Online and Playing ‘Which’ Game.”
It allows a Person to Compare Trophies with your Buddies on your iDevice!
Yesterday this remarkable App got an Update, IMPROVING THE USER INTERFACE.
Though this App is “Read Only”.
This means that, Neither You can send messages to your Friends nor have a “Text Chat” with them. It’s only to know about Trophies and Online Buddies- INSTANTLY!
Check out the ScreenShots attached for the “NEW USER INTERFACE!”

As for me it is worth every penny of it.
You can download the Latest Version (3.4) for myPSN on App Store for 1.99$

myPSN ID is “Amod”.
You can add me anytime! 😀


About Amod Agrawal

CS @ Illinois. Grad student.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for stealing my app and recommending that people do the same!

    • I am not using a Jailbroken Device. Throughout the Post, I am always appreciating this App. I also metioned to buy it at App Store.
      If you say I will remove the link for Cracked IPA. OK?

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